(Frequently asked questions)

How to start using?

Using ECOPOOLUS is very easy. It is necessary to lower the ionizer to the bottom of the pool and make a primary disinfection with the help of chlorine. After the primary disinfection has passed, the device will ionize all the water in the pool and algae spores will not suffice micro elements that are necessary for the life of the activity

For which pools is the ECOPOOLUS device suitable?

The device ECOPOOLUS is intended for Ground Swimming Pools, and small stationary pools.

How to use ECOPOOLUS?

It is enough to place ECOPOOLUS in the water and make sure that it sank to the bottom of the pool. From this moment the ECOPOOLUS begins to operate. After that, within 1 to 6 days, the entire volume will be ionized. In the future, even with the replacement of water, the efficiency of the device will be maximized. It is necessary to monitor the mechanical contamination of water and to clean the water with a filtration or vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the bottom and walls of the pool in order to clean up the debris that gets into the pool bowl.

What If you take the ECOPOOLUS out of the water for a certain time?

The resource of the device does not depend on the intensity of it’s use and does not increase if the device is not used all the time (in winter). If the ECOPOOLUS is not used in winter, it’s resource does not increase.

What is the difference of chemical means of water disinfection?

The difference from chemical disinfectants is that when using the ECOPOOLUS device, organic substances (bacteria, algae) falling into the pool bowl are not oxidized (decomposing into gases) as when using chemicals but die off precipitating.
That’s why ECOPOOLUS is the most ecological method of water disinfection in the pool. And therefore, periodic precipitation of the precipitate is possible, which must be filtered out or vacuumed. We also recommend closing the pool on top of the cover in order not to create an additional load on the filtration system.

How does the ECOPOOLUS affect the pH level?

The ECOPOOLUS does not affect the pH level. Also, the pH level does not affect the system’s performance. Device effectively works and performs it’s functions at any level of pH. If the pool is open and subject to precipitation and other external contamination, the pH level may change one or the other way.
If the acidity index is critical for basin use, you can correct it using pH+ and pH.

Can I use ECOPOOLUS in salt water?

Salt does not affect the equipment in any way. The resource does not decrease, additional corrosion is not created, ionization does not fall.

What is the mode of operation during the winter period?

During the winter, the ECOPOOLUS can be left in the pool if it doesn’t freeze in it. Or pull out and store in a dry place.

What to do when the 2 year warranty is up?

After the expiry of the service life, you can plan to exchange your device for a new one.