Fountain Algae Control

How to Prevent Algae in Fountains?

Autonomous water ionizer ECOPOOLUS

Fast • Cost-effective • Eco-Friendly
Keep Your Water Clean Without Chemicals

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The number one concern for owners of the Outdoor Water Fountains is the Bacteria (Algae). The most common approach is to treat water through the use of harmful and expensive chemicals. This is hindering your enjoyment of the fountain while also potentially clogging the fountain’s filtration system. However, in today’s world, being eco-friendly is vitally important.

Chlorine Free Swimming

Prevent Future Algae Blooms in Fountains

Introducing a unique new product – autonomous water ionizer ECOPOOLUS.

Ecopoolus is committed to providing ecologically responsible products to manage water easily, safely, and effectively. This is the most efficient and cost-effective device solution to some of the most commonly occurring water problems.

You can be assured that by using Ecopoolus, you are doing what is best for your water and for the environment.

Our product supplies a constant 24/7 monthly application for water clarity and health. Autonomous water ionizer ECOPOOLUS can help prevent algae growth and solve many problems.

  • No need to clean the fountain thoroughly every month.
  • Fewer mosquitoes.
  • No need to constantly maintain the fountain and its components.

Eco Friendly

No smell of chlorine. No allergies from chlorine.


5 min install

Place the Ecopoolus at the bottom of your Swimming Pool and It will begin to work.


No electrocity

Guaranteed safety. Works without Electricity and/or Batteries.

How it Works

The device ECOPOOLUS is intended for Above Ground Pools, small stationary pools, and decorative fountains. For the effective operation of the device ECOPOOLUS, the water temperature in the pool should not exceed 80.6 °F (27 °C). The higher the water temperature, the lower the effectiveness of the device is.

One ionizer is designed for a maximum of 1,500 gallons (5,600 liters) of water. If the water temperature in the pool rises above 80.6 °F (27 °C) and the water becomes less clear, hydrogen peroxide or a little bit of chlorine to the pool.

  • Just put the water ionizer at the bottom of your fountain and your good to go.
  • After that, within 2 to 5 days, your entire fountain will be ionized (read the instructions).
  • Continue to watch for mechanical impurities that enter the fountain water. For best results remove all the debris from your fountain and clean the water with a vacuum /robot cleaner.
  • Now you can enjoy a fountain with clean water that doesn’t contain bacteria, algae, or the use of chlorine and other chemicals.